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What We Offer


Funding & Lending

We have been financing all types of businesses with SBA, conventional financing, unconventional funding, 401K Roll Rovers and private source of funding. We can provide interim financing for start-up, buying a business ,working capital, business improvements, etc. Some of these funding sources do not need a business, business financials, tax returns or collateral to apply. One of the resource is on our website. (put in link)

Commercial Sales & Leasing

Our selling & leasing commercial real estate, depends on the thorough knowledge of the property’s location, demographics, upside, future growth. We are constantly looking at the market trend to advise Seller in selling and leasing property.

Business Brokerage

Lee Brokers focuses on working and advising the seller in bringing to market at the business highest value, through effectively marketing the business to its most advantageous and qualified buyers. To facilitate this with Seller and Buyer together and ensuring the sale process to closing.

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